2017 Reflection and Upcoming Events

December 5, 2017

The hectic holiday season is upon us, and while the year-end workload for some businesses is winding down, it is just now peaking for many others, especially those in the retail arena. As you wrap up your 2017 work and finalize your 2018 Annual Plan, you’ve obviously had the opportunity to identify those portions of your 2017 plan that have succeeded as well as those needing some adjustment. I hope your bottom line reflects your team’s successes! 

Be sure to take a little time to pat yourself on the back and, more importantly, recognize the efforts of your team members for any and all of your successes this year. “Success is its own reward,” but we all like to know our own contributions to that success are recognized and appreciated. That recognition, more than money according to most studies, motivates individuals to work even harder to achieve the next milestone. 

In that same vein, I was honored and truly humbled to be awarded the “For the Good of the Order” Core Value Award at the Gazelles International Coaches 2017 ScaleUp Summit in St. Louis in October. This Gazelles core value details our commitment to being generous servant leaders – “to motivate, encourage and restore each other, our clients, and the broader business community.” As one who has always had the mindset of wanting to serve, I take great pride in being recognized with this particular award.

Additionally, I was honored to speak to the South Austin Business Association (SABA) at a luncheon last week. Our discussion centered on Liz Wiseman’s Multiplier Theory.

For those who may be members of the following organizations, I am scheduled to speak at the Austin Executives Association (AEA) luncheon (11:30–12:30, Texas Land and Cattle on S. Mopac) on Wednesday, February 21, 2018, and at the Financial Executives International (FEI) breakfast meeting (8:00–9:00, Austin Country Club) on Tuesday, April 17, 2018. I’d love to see you there.

Here’s to you and all your successes in the coming year! Remember, if you’d like some help learning to free yourself to enjoy your success instead of becoming a victim of it, schedule a free consultation with me.