VIDEO: Am I on track to achieve my Q1 goals?

March 16, 2017

Execution is all about discipline. There is no short cut. The discipline it takes to achieve your Q1 goals includes taking the time to plan before the quarter begins and communicating daily on the accomplishments or lack thereof. In the short video below, I discuss what it takes to develop your Q1 plan and the questions you should be asking during your communication rhythm.  


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Hello everyone Rob Lynch here, the question for today is “Am I on track to achieving my Q1 goals?”

Someone once said we will suffer one of two pains, either the pain of discipline or the pain of regret.

Now the pain of discipline weighs ounces whereas the pain of regret weighs tons, so if you’re suffering the pain of discipline. I congratulate you because you know if you’re on track and you probably are.

Execution is all about discipline, there is no shortcut and there’s not enough consistent luck to ignore it. I once heard Darren Hardy, former publisher of success magazine and a New York Times bestselling author, ask an answer a series of questions.

“Do I enjoy getting up at five in the morning, strapping on running shoes and go pound the pavement in the dark?” I do not. When I’m a little agitated and wore out and my wife says something that triggers me. That to instead bite my tongue put a smile on my face and give her a hug, instead of reacting, I do not. Then why do I do it, because that’s what it takes to be successful.

The discipline it takes to consistently deliver on your quarterly goals is to do the proper planning before the quarter begins and to establish a very lightweight daily communication rhythm.

Now in terms of the plan, the plan needs to include, your critical and counterbalance numbers, your smart goal statement and I’m referring to the acronym S.M.A.R.T.

The monthly milestones that you need to achieve in January, February and March and then a 13-week raise plan because every quarter has 13 weeks in which you list the activities and the people that you need to do those activities to achieve all of the above.

Now the communication rhythm is no more than 15 minutes a day, where you pull together the people that are part of that 13- week raise plan and you discuss three things. One, did I accomplish what I said it was going to accomplish yesterday? Two, what am I going to accomplish today that will chip away a little bit at the quarterly goal? And three, am I stuck?

Do successful growth companies really enjoy doing this, most don’t. They do it because they know that’s what it takes to achieve their goals quarter after quarter and year after year.

So, my question to you is “Are you doing this level of planning and communicating?” And if not, why not. Why not give it a try, you’ll be surprised that you’ll actually improve your execution. Thank you.