June 12, 2017

Good managers work to de-hassle work environments and take care not to demotivate team members with unnecessary hurdles, policies, bureaucracy and people. De-hassling requires the identification of roadblocks affecting team members, which can only come from ongoing employee input. 

To ensure you are not a demotivating manager, you should be asking your team the following questions:

     1. What is slowing their ability to execute?

     2. What is a hassle they encounter regularly?

     3. What demotivates them?

I've encountered a variety of roadblocks throughout my career as a manager and have identified the top 5 here:

     1. Tolerance of C players or clients

     2. Inadequate tools and resources

     3. Bureaucratic, unnecessary policies or procedures

     4. Slow decision making and/or lack of employee empowerment

     5. Lack of trust, leading to politics and role confusions

Be sure to keep these demotivating factors in mind when meeting with your team. Having a team of highly motivated and engaged employees will further the success of your company. 

Do you have other demotivating factors that affect your team? Let me know - I'd love to get together to discuss how to implement the right management style within your organization.