Do you know the nature of your cash flow? Is it telling a story of abundance? Peril? Sufficiency?

March 8, 2017

Every company’s cash flow tells an important story about the health and the near term future of the

business. Through experience, we have found the skill to “read” your cash flow story an important one

to master.

Have you ever read a great book that was a balance between intrigue and intellectual challenge? The

story unfolds as you read, yet you have to exert energy to understand all of the characters, their

motivations, and the various layers of the plot. Such are the components of a great mystery novel: you

must put together puzzle pieces to see the entire picture and enjoy it.

Your cash flow also tells a story and we must study it to fully understand the story it tells.

Do you know:

1) What story your cash flow is telling?

2) How the story unfolds each (new) month?

3) Would you know if the story was warning you?

How can we discover what our Cash Flow Story might be? Where do we look for cues?

Listen to our next “Ask Rob” on March 19th and find out where to look for cues!