VIDEO: How effective is your communication rhythm?

March 16, 2017

Have you established a communication rhythm where information moves quickly and accurately through your organization? In the short video below, I discuss my experience in developing meeting cycles that will improve both the quality and the quantity of communication inside your company - it's a rhythm of dailyweeklymonthly and quarterly meetings. 


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Hello everyone, Rob Lynch here, the question for today is “How effective is your communication rhythm?”

"Have you established a communication rhythm, where information moves quickly and accurately throughout your organization?” 

Just as a metronome calls time in a great piano or musical performance, so does a small set of consistent executed meetings. These meetings are best seen as a continuous loop of communication within your organization.

My experience as to meeting rhythm cycles, that are best for fast growth companies will improve both the quality and the quantity of communication inside the company. And it’s a rhythm of daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly meetings.

To begin with, think about your week. There are four daily huddles in one weekly meeting, which means that the day you have your weekly meeting, you don’t have your daily huddle. Next once a month you substitute a monthly meeting for a weekly meeting, so within the month you have three weekly meetings and one monthly meeting.

Then finally during the quarter, you’ll substitute a quarterly meeting for one of the monthly meetings, so during the quarter you have two monthly meeting and one quarterly meeting And each of these meeting has a very specific agenda, priorities and outcomes that you’re looking for.

So, approached and executed with discipline consistency and commitment, the meeting rhythms will do three things for your company. First, it’s going to improve communication, second, it’s going to reinforce alignment and positive performance and then finally, it’s going to ease the stress of fast growth.

My question to you is, “Are you getting these three benefits out of the communication rhythm you have inside your company today?” and if not I suggest that you give us a try. Thank you.