Identifying Metrics to Measure Action

January 26, 2017

At the start of every fiscal year, I recommend asking the question, "Have we identified the right key metrics throughout our company to drive superior results?" These metrics are often derived from the functions every business must support and the internal processes that drive the business. 

The exercise I use to help companies identify these metrics is to create a Function Accountability Chart (FACe) and a Process Accountability Chart (PACe).  

By utilizing the FACe chart, you'll discover the daily or weekly metrics that are leading indicators as to whether or not the functions inside your company are on track to produce what you need them to produce at the end of the month and quarter. The goal of your weekly meetings is to identify the challenges that may be barriers to your successful growth. Secondarily, the metrics will give visibility into questions such as "How is the frontline team that is executing the business doing? Do we have the right talent on the bus? Are they productive? If not, why not?"Once the FACe chart has been completed, you can move into the PACe exercise. This tool is used to identify the small number of key processes that drive your business. The metrics identified are a second lens to look at your organization to ensure your processes are working.  

As a Gazelles International Certified Coach, I help companies explore these questions using the Function Accountability Chart (FACe) and Process Accountability Chart (PACe). Download these free tools today to start mapping accountability across your organization.