Leading Through Action: Healthy Habits

April 21, 2017

There is a saying, "People leave managers, not companies". 

What is the value of, and opportunity to have, a team of engaged employees? Have you worked alongside someone who is totally into their job? How does a leader secure the maximum engagement from team members? 

Studies and practical experience show engaged workforces and team members are more loyal, productive, and happy than those who are not. But how, as a leader, do you foster an environment of "engagement?"

Google conducted a management survey, and the data was clear and compelling on the #1 key to being considered an effective, successful leader in employees’ minds – conducting regular one-on-one coaching with their direct reports. In addition, here are the top 5 attributes of successful leaders:  

1.They hire fewer, smarter, more productive people and pay them more. This flows from the company’s strategy for talent and their compensation. 

2.They proactively recognize team members and show appreciation to them individually and as a group.  

3.They show their overall team and individual team members a line of sight between their daily performance and the "big picture" of where the company is headed. 

4.They de-hassle work environments and take care not to demotivate team members with unnecessary hurdles, policies, bureaucracy and people. 

5.They learn what strengths their employees have and how to ensure those employees spend the majority of their time working in those strengths.