No Room For Benchwarmers: How To Build A Rockstar Team

September 22, 2016

No Room For Benchwarmers: How To Build A Rockstar Team

Would you enthusiastically rehire every person in your company? Did you consider more than just productivity? How about the degree to which they live and embrace your Core Values? Hint: Your "A "Players should rank high for both.

As leaders, we sometimes have the tendency to look at productivity exclusively. Other times, we have a tendency to overlook bad behaviors. But leaders of successful growth companies understand that behaviors matter just as much as productivity. Why is that?

It’s easier to help someone improve their productivity than it is to change their behavior. An employee who is not producing as much as you need, yet lives and embraces your Core Values, should be ranked higher than an employee who is producing but not living and embracing your Core Values. In either situation, the employee needs to be coached for improvement – and if it’s their character that doesn’t fit, the odds of improvement are lower.

This is why it’s crucial to assess your teams on a quarterly basis, based on those two factors: core values and productivity.  It gives you an opportunity to determine how many “A” players are on the roster and which benchwarmers can be coached for improvement. Ultimately, your goal is to have an all-star leadership team of 100% “A” players – and at least 70% “A” players on teams throughout the company.

Ready to get started? One of the tools I use as a Gazelles International Certified Coach is an exercise adapted from Top Grading, 3rd Edition by Brad Smart.  Download it here.