Video: Reinforcing Company Culture Every Day

June 6, 2018

Embody Your Company Culture Each Day with These 4 Tips

A solid company culture is built and sustained by making a point to develop small, consistent habits. In my latest video, I talk through four ways you can model and reinforce your company culture through realistic and sustainable measures.



So your question is, what's the best way to reinforce your company culture on a daily basis? I like to think about the American Express commercial "Don't leave home without it," but the version here is "Don't make decisions without them."

Think of how you can reinforce it on a daily basis. Think of your culture, your values, as the decision filter for many things. For example, hiring.

So when you're doing that on a frequent basis, sometimes daily, don't forget about the behavioral question interviews, in terms of how you're developing your people. Make sure that at least 50% of their rating is based upon how they model the company culture, as well as how they live the company culture and the company values. 

And then when it comes to rewarding people, don't wait for the monthly company meeting. I have a client that took their five values and they put them on large cards, like playing cards. If they see an employee embracing or displaying a value, they'll go over and card that employee. Make it fun! It can be done in small groups and team meetings, it can be done even just one on one. 

Another way to reinforce the culture is with customer decisions. If you're thinking about bringing on a customer, are they gonna fit with within your culture? I had a difficult decision once where I had to let a customer go because they were, unfortunately, sadly verbally abusive to the customer service team. When I called up the CEO to let the CEO know, the CEO became verbally abusive to me. And you know, we just simply couldn't have that.  

Another way to reinforce it is when you have difficulties is to make take a look at your core values. Talk about your culture, talk about your purpose, and see how that can help you make that difficult decision easier.

So, in conclusion, there are many ways in which you can live your culture and reinforce your culture on a daily basis. and Contact me if you think you need you some help.

Thank you.