Rob Lynch Featured on InsideATX Podcast

June 30, 2017

Rob was recently a guest on InsideATX podcast, the "premier source for the best conversations in and about Austin." In this episode titled "A Framework of Successful Leadership," Rob dives into the local business scene, his favorite conference, and what the obligations of a founder are to start a great company. To listen to the full podcast, click here.


[1:11] Rob has been in Austin for 21 years. He is originally from New York and moved to San Francisco; then Austin. He came here to run a hi-tech company. Two thirds of that business were the .dot coms, and they went away. They had take it from 220 to 60 employees, which was very hard for him. They restarted the company and built it back up, and it was acquired in mid 2000.

[5:21] He ran four companies, and then started a consulting business, Burst Consulting, 5 years ago.

[8:36] Market shifts tend to be a time of opportunity. Rob shares some insider insight on it.

[9:17] Rob coaches CEOs, and helps them, #1, with the job of finding the right people, and, #2, with a culture of accountability. They have to focus on the things that matter; to make sure everyone is on the same page. #3 is strategy of revenue growth.

[11:04] His clients range between 5 million and 150 million in revenues.

[11:57] He got certified to teach within the framework of the book Scaling Up, including the four R’s: right people, right seats, right things, and rightly (are they behaving according to the culture.)

[12:46] Thank you to our Sponsor, the Papasan Properties Group.

[13:47] Creating a culture of harmony and hiring “A Players” is important to attract other “A Players.” The reason why “A Players” leave is often because CEO’s spend too much time in the “C Player Trap.”

[15:25] Having a hiring process is extremely important. If you don’t have a process, you will only be 25% successful. This is not fair for the company or the new person brought in.

[17:05] A toxic employee has a true financial and morale cost.

[18:25] Just starting with one great person can be a linchpin to other great hires falling into place.

[19:05] Behaviors and productivity matter equally.

[22:44] Rob’s favorite taco is Gordo’s. A family run business that started in a small food truck. They are on Hwy 290 between Oakhill and Dripping Springs. Known for breakfast tacos, but they have brisket and pulled pork.