What are the Most Important Attributes of Successful Business Owners?

November 4, 2016

No matter how you define success, owners of successful companies often share many of the same characteristics. These similarities can play a tremendous role in how you are perceived as a leader, strategist and entrepreneur.


As a Gazelles International Certified Coach, I have worked with successful clients in a variety of industries – all of whom share the same important attributes. 


These attributes fall into four key areas:

·      Learner – having a thirst for knowledge and acquiring new content

·      Coachable & Accountable – willing to grow and put new knowledge into action

·      Investor – eager to invest in outside expertise to further company growth

·      Humble – realizing that you can’t grow a company without your most important asset, your team


If you are interested in growing in one or more of these areas, let me know. Each one is easily achievable and can be practiced in your daily life.