Are You Struggling with Your Success?

November 13, 2017

I recently attended a conference where I heard Kevin Lawrence speak about his new book, Your Oxygen Mask First – 17 Habits to Help High-Achievers Survive & Thrive in Leadership & Life.

In the book, Kevin often reflected on amazing people who were crushed by success, wondering, “What the heck went wrong?” He wanted to know if there might be a secret to achieving huge success without being clobbered by it.

I resonated with his concept of the “Dichotomy of Leadership.”

  • ‍The upside is that your life is exhilarating and rewarding beyond belief.
  • ‍The dark side, which people rarely talk about, is that leadership can crush people, even those made of steel.

His fascination with this dichotomy began the day Elvis died at the age of 42. How could someone so talented with everything to live for self-destruct? Because of this curiosity, he’s made it his career to understand why some people triumph while others get trampled.

According to Kevin, the difference between the two groups of people has almost nothing to do with talent, drive, or perseverance. In short, if you buy into the “myth of martyrdom,” you will be pummeled by your success.

What is the “myth of martyrdom?” It’s the belief that there is literally no time in your life to take proper care of yourself – to indulge in activities that are just for you and you alone. You believe your roles as a leader, spouse, parent, etc., far outweigh your own personal needs, especially because no one can do the work as good as you can.

The myth is the dark lie that makes leaders feel guilty for having human needs.

Are you struggling to finish 2017 and work on your 2018 Annual Plan and prepare for the holiday season AND enjoy time with your family and friends? If this sounds like you, read Kevin’s book and use it as an ongoing resource in your evolution as a leader. I recommend working through the 17 habits and exercises in order of personal priority.

It is impossible to lead your company to its greatest potential if you aren’t reaching your personal greatest potential. If you’d like some help learning how to actually enjoy your success instead of becoming a victim of it, schedule a free consultation.