Transform Your Company’s Processes and Your Personal Vision Through Coaching

Steve Corcoran, CEO - LawnStarter

LawnStarter has grown from servicing one city to servicing 100 cities in the past five years. How did they get there?

The Challenge

LawnStarters noticed that they weren't the "A" players that they were eager to become. From building the right culture, to executing against a playbook, they weren't achieving their goals to the best of their ability. One of LawnStarters mentors and investors, who built a $100 million company that he bootstrapped, told them about the Scaling Up framework and how finding the perfect coach was their way to level us up the rigor, executing and planning that their company needed.

Enter Burst Consulting

Corcoran and his team researched several different consulting options - in comes Rob and Burst Consulting. Corcoran determined that, as a 4-time CEO with 4 successful exits, in addition to being a coach for many, many years, Rob was going to bring not only what Corcoran needed as an individual, but what the company needed from a framework with actual experience. For Corcoran and his team, Burst was a no brainer.

Rob and Corcoran came to the decision that "Scaling Up" was their best approach to reaching the goals that they wanted to achieve for LawnStarter.

Setting a Goal and Executing on It

With the Scaling Up approach, LawnStarter has been able to perfect their hiring process. It has gone from something that was not very strong to something unbeatable. Their new hiring process has enabled LawnStarter to have no "dud" hires since they've switched. With great hires comes great work culture and increased business, which Corcoran attributes to Burst and the Scaling Up approach.

On the strategy side, Corcoran and his team said they were building a multi-billion dollar company, but didn't put the kind of plan in place that would help achieve that goal from quarter to quarter. Now that Burst has helped them create a multi-year plan, they have consistently been able to hit goals that they can back up all the way down to one week. Corcoran says that Burst "just changed the structure of our company, and it’s really helped us grow a lot faster."

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Andy Josuweit, founder and CEO - Student Loan Hero

Student Loan Hero has achieved the dream of many a bootstrapped startup. But there was a time when the company struggled, despite its big ambitions and lofty goals.

The Challenge 

StudentLoan Hero started a goal of doubling growth every year so they could exit the company in 6 years. The company did grow in terms of revenue and workforce, but it struggled in terms of strategic development. For all of that excellent growth in terms of profitability, clients, and workforce, the company had no clue what their next steps should be.

Student Loan Hero found itself in need of deeper strategic thinking to really help the company accelerate its growth and profitability. The problem was that Andy and his leadership team didn’t have any experience doing that sort of work. That’s when they decided to hire a coach. 

Enter Burst Consulting 

Deciding to work with Rob Lynch of Burst Consulting was pretty easy for Andy. While Andy and the Student Loan Hero team valued from Rob’s personal experiences as a leader, they greatly benefited from the processes he introduced and help them implement. Specifically, the “Scaling Up” approach helped the company better recognize their relationship to its workforce, its customers, and the market. 

Once Student Loan Hero as a business was on the grow, Rob began investing more time helping Andy and the leadership team become more effective leaders at the micro and macro level. Starting with books like Multipliers,Rod helped Andy understand that the best leaders aren’t day-to-day micromanagers; instead, they empower their people to do their best work by giving them challenges and stepping away. 

Setting a Goal and Executing on It 

Thanks to Rob’s coaching, Student Loan Hero accomplished the following:

·      Codified its HR processes to help hire the best people
·      Implemented score cards to improve accountability
·      Created quarterly, 3-year, and 5-year goals in the “BHAG” model
·      Doubled revenue, headcount, and website traffic for multiple consecutive years

In 2018, Student Loan Hero met its 6-year goal when it was acquired by Lending Tree for $60 million. 

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